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  New! - Highland Blood Moon - a Cassidy Edwards Novella


(The story of Dorian Ramsey's turning)

A message summons Dorian Ramsey home to discover his village ravaged by a mysterious Night Viper and his sister caught in web of treachery. To save her, he must make a choice—a choice that alters his destiny forever.

This novella also includes the short story: Bonepicker

My name is Raven. They call me a Bonepicker—a lone wolf, a wolf without a pack—but I'm no ordinary wolf. I'm a wolf of the Mists and I feed on carrion of a special kind, the Carrion of the Reaches. There's not a Reach I can’t break into nor a place I can't escape—in spite of having so many prices on my head, they'd confuse a calculator. Christmas is a holiday I'd rather forget, but then I accept a job from Lord Lucian Rowle and everything changes.

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